High Viz Media

Services: Art Direction, Illustration, Graphic Design
Brief: Machine were commissined to design and direct an advertising and marketing campaign for High Viz Media, a specialist in filming, live production and event services. We created a high impact graphic illustration and typographic design that highlights their expertise in drone filming, motors sport events and production. The advertisment appeared in the national press.

High Viz Contact Spread-1-2340x1600High Viz Contact Spread-1-2340x1600
High Viz Contact Spread-2-2340x1600High Viz Contact Spread-2-2340x1600
High Viz Contact Spread-3-2340x1600High Viz Contact Spread-3-2340x1600
High Viz Contact Spread-4-2340x1600High Viz Contact Spread-4-2340x1600
High Viz Contact Spread-5-2340x1600High Viz Contact Spread-5-2340x1600