The Window of Opportunity

Services: Illustration / Print Design
Concept: A politically motivated stained glass window print by Jamie. It shows the past, present [and a possible] future as seen from left to right, with the central section being the present.. or the Window of Opportunity [see final image for full bleed].

The Window of Opportunity-crop2-2340x1600The Window of Opportunity-crop2-2340x1600
The Window of Opportunity-crop3-2340x1600The Window of Opportunity-crop3-2340x1600
The Window of Opportunity-crop4-2340x1600The Window of Opportunity-crop4-2340x1600
The Window of Opportunity-crop1-2340x1600The Window of Opportunity-crop1-2340x1600
The Window of Opportunity-crop5-2340x1600The Window of Opportunity-crop5-2340x1600
The Window of Opportunity-crop6-2340x1600The Window of Opportunity-crop6-2340x1600
The Window of Opportunity-mainThe Window of Opportunity-main